Google Adwords Client Case Study Increasing Traffic Revenues

How Google AdWords is now responsible for 30% of their website traffic and 28% of revenue.

What were the clients goals and needs?

When a health retailer started working with Supplyant in July 2013 their product offering consisted of 230 unique products across 750 SKUs. Their existing Google AdWords campaign had been driving 19% of their website traffic and 21% of revenue.

They approached us with a lofty task – over 6 months deliver a 50% increase in AdWords transactions, without a dramatic increase in CPA.

What was our plan to meet the clients goals?

To hit these huge growth targets we first of all started pouring through their Google Analytics and Adwords data to identify opportunities. This is a vital part of any project, as it will have a huge bearing on the strategy you employ. We had difficulty in the past trying to profitably bid on “generic” keywords. However, these keywords would be vital in introducing new prospects to their brand and helping them achieve their growth targets.

To help us tackle this we created a Keyword Bootcamp strategy. The bootcamp allowed us to quickly assess the probability of a keyword to return a profit. If successful the keyword would be allowed to grow. If unsuccessful it would be given the boot! The bootcamp was only intended to run for a few months, but it was so successful that it’s become an integral part of the account.

“Google Product Listing Ads had also been underperforming. We felt that PLAs should be extremely successful, so we were keen to turn this around. By working with their team to restructure the existing PLA campaign and optimise the product feed we managed to get a 288% increase in PLA transactions whilst lowering CPA by 32%.”

What were the results?

The following January – Seven months after work started on the AdWords account, Google AdWords was now responsible for 30% of their website traffic and 28% of revenue.

Six months after starting work on the AdWords account Supplyant had increased monthly transactions by 58% with only a 16% increase in CPA.

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