Epromo To Ecommerce Success

How changing their promotional site to eCommerce made them £30,000 in under 6 months.

What were the clients key problems and needs?

Our client came to us with a number of problems they were facing that were very time consuming for their business and wider team to handle.

They regularly received calls from customers asking to place small orders. They also received many requests to place orders with credit. Although they were happy to receive these orders, it meant that they were losing potential orders that were significantly larger.

They also had many customers that were not paying credit on time – so, much of their time would be spent chasing companies and not on calls from customers placing orders.

What was our solution to meet the client’s goals?

Supplyant worked with the business to create a solution for this problem. It was agreed that it was time that their promotional site should become an ecommerce site. This would mean that they could direct small orders and customers with bad credit to the website, so that they could purchase from there.

The idea was that with less of their time being taken up by small orders they would have more time available to focus on closing larger orders that would greatly boost their revenue.

What was the outcome of Supplyant working with the client?

Since launching this project in August 2017 revenue has grown significantly. In their first month they received £900 in orders, fast forwards to February 2018 they have seen fantastic growth, with over £10,000 in sales. Their latest figures show that they have made £30,000 in sales from the website in just under 6 months.

As well being able to grow their business revenue, we have worked with the business to ensure their website works as efficiently as possible. We have seen consistent improvement in the the rate of conversion, transactions, average order value. All using the Supplyant Growth Plan strategy.

The future…

They are now very excited about their future with Supplyant. We are already looking at the next 6 months and how we can continue this phenomenal rate of growth, by focussing on implementing an AdWords strategy and working on developing their product range.

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