Digital Future First

Digital Future First Vision - Small Business Support

The fallout from COVID 19 and rapid rate of technological innovations requires current workforces to continually update skills to equip them for emerging roles in the sectors in which they work, which have been influenced by new technologies. Many companies are neither effectively maximising the potential of new technologies nor the talents of their employees. As a result, opportunities are missed and performance is not maximised.


Digital Future First provides access to Small Business Grants UK and works with employers to identify their skills needs, demonstrate additionality and innovative new nature of developed programme content and delivery solutions, where relevant, will trial programme content within the beneficiary businesses and where possible, support flexible learning and delivery models (e.g. delivery on employer sites, business cluster approach, evening, online learning platforms and modules).
Digital Future First works alongside stakeholders to support initiatives available within SEMLEP, enabling SMEs and Micros understand the importance and relevance of existing initiatives, brokering opportunities to encourage and increase work experience, work placements, traineeships, apprenticeships, and graduate placements particularly through wider employer engagement and involving supply chains in order to help employers access and integrate them into the workplace.

It’s all about Small Business Support.


Digital Future First (DFF) is funded by the European Social Fund and runs until 2023*

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Overview of Digital Future First

Digital Future First is led by Supplyant Limited, and co-developed in partnership with Database for Business Limited and the Learning and Skills Academy CIC will provide access to a range of measured and meaningful activities to SMEs across SEMLEP, enabling them to grow their business and improve the resilience and skills levels of their employees.


Partners have access to, and already work with an extensive network of existing providers who have a wide portfolio of learning opportunities available to employers that includes professional vocational qualifications linked to specific sectors and industries, designed to improve and develop relevant skills of employees, while providing Small Business Support.


  •  Improved access to Government Funding
  •  Advise business on employment training programmes
  •  Digital transformation for SME business
  •  Local Business Hub connections
  •  Small Business Support







Here to support businesses in the South East Midlands

Our team includes experts in learning and skills development, government funding, training programmes and digital experts to accelerate the understanding and adoption of digital within SME’s in the region.