Increasing conversions by 46% in 60 days.


Increasing conversions by 46% in 60 days.

What were the clients goals and needs?

When a competitive furniture company wanted to increase their customer’s confidence in them they came to Supplyant.

With 80% of their leads being generated through Google Shopping, we knew that by offering a guaranteed delivery date this could improve their conversion rate revenue and would improve the experience of the customer.

What was our plan to meet the clients goals?

Our plan was to put the earliest available delivery date for the customer next to the Add to Basket CTA; this was to create a sense of urgency for the customer so they would be enticed to buy the product.

We measured the conversion rate 60 days before implementing these changes and found it was 0.93% which left us lots of room for improvement; and our aim was to improve their conversion rate on their Google shopping campaign by 10%.

What were the results?

By working together with our client we had increased their conversion rate by 46.06% after just 60 days from when it was implemented, specifically for their Google Shopping campaign.

As well as this the cost-per-sale acquisition had also dropped by 3 percentage points, meaning the client had a larger budget to generate more leads.

The overall effect of this was that the client returned a 82% increase in transactions and a 54% increase in revenue.

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