2018 Elevator Growth Programme

2018 Elevator Growth Programme

Google selects Supplyant for prestigious 2018 Elevator Growth Programme

Google has selected Supplyant to join the prestigious 2018 Elevator Growth Programme. Recognised as one of only 15 UK agencies, Google selects the participants based on companies with the highest potential growth. 15 companies from the Netherlands will also join the search engine tech company at their prestigious London offices.

With companies ranging between 8 and 130 employees, this coaching programme provides a unique opportunity for senior agency executives to learn and study with Google’s top Management training teams.

Nick Morton, Director of Supplyant, said. “This is recognition for the work we do with Google as a Premier Partner and this programme will help deliver the very best performance for clients not only on Google products but across the entire company”.

Supplyant creates growth partnerships with companies over £1m, solving the toughest strategic and technical problems to fast track sales performance.

The Google Elevator Programme teaches topics high-performance management, winning business and extending the business growth. The aims are to address personal work based challenges with the coaches and work on group projects.

Robert Craven, leading the Elevator Programme said, “Participation in this high potential group helps owners apply practical training with experience and to share ‘a-ha’ moments. It’s also about working less ‘in’ the business and more ‘on’ the business”.

The three-way contact between Google, the coach and the participant establishes the framework for the group to work in an engaging environment over 12 weeks. The outcome from previous cohorts has shown consistently improved revenue, rates, and profits.

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