Wolf of the Week – Order Processing

Wolf of the Week – Order Processing

The Problem

Our Client came to us for help as their order processing system had failed.  With the software down our client was left without orders going through during a peak time and potential loss in revenues. They asked Supplyant to find out where the integration had stopped as the third party administering the ordering system was convinced the problem was not theirs.”

The Fix

Ben, passed the issue to our Help Desk to investigate and diagnose what was causing orders to fail. After delving into the Magento backend and reviewing the orders that had been processed, I identified that the integration itself was at fault, rather than any other part of the Magento system. I then sent details of the process failure to the client.


Thanks to the clarity provided by the Supplyant Help Desk Team, we were able to go to our order processing supplier and outline where the problem was; this allowed them to get the orders back up quickly and efficiently and, more importantly, we avoided any significant impact on our revenues.

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