What makes a good Project Manager?

What makes a good Project Manager?

The most important aspect of the good project manager is to make sure he knows how to handle the risks that are involved in the project and bring it to completion.

To become a good project manager. The following are important not in any particular order:

  1. Understanding the problem/requirements
  2. Knowing the resources capabilities
  3. Accessing the Risk – Mitigating it at the right time
  4. Anticipating the problem even before it appears
  5. Getting the updates without being a pain to others
  6. Always being on the top of project
  7. Tracking as detailed as possible
  8. Communicating to the stakeholders on a regular time interval
  9. Flagging the red flag well in advance
  10. Be Human 🙂

Credit: Saravanan Periyasamy

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