What is the difference between Google Express and Google Shopping?

What is the difference between Google Express and Google Shopping?

When speaking of Google Express and Google Shopping Actions, both of them tend to possess huge differences.

Google Express is a marketplace a.k.a. online shopping platform. Having saved the payment credentials, it enables people to shop their store with one easy checkout, without redirecting to merchants website. Thus, providing a quicker shopping experience.

Google Express also offers free-delivery once customers meet the store’s minimum.

Being a part of Google’s Shopping Actions, Google Express is also known for same-day delivery.

Speaking of Google Express, the automated integration solution helps you gain more loyal customers to their products. The integration extension benefits you with some of its splendid features:

  • Automated listing and syncing of products,
  • Bulk Upload of products,
  • Centralized Order management, and more.

With the advent of Google’s Shopping Actions program, shoppers can shop for products using Google Express, Search, or Assistant.

On the other hand, Google Shopping enables shoppers to search for products online and compare the prices offered by different merchants.

Google Shopping a.k.a. Product Listing Ads (PLAs) follows a pay-per-click model, wherein the merchant is charged a certain amount on click of the ad placed. After which the visitor is re-directed to the merchant’s website for checkout.

Google Shopping helps retailers’ grow the visibility of their products by a larger means.

When moving along with PLAs (Google Shopping), retailers needs to take care of the following:

  1. Targeting

Google Shopping makes sure to target the right audience for your niche. Targeting plays a crucial role in making or breaking your Google Shopping campaigns. With improving your chances of reaching the right customers, Google shopping also brings along the ability to exclude irrelevant audience segment.

Credit: Sruti Tiwari

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