Suspended Amazon Seller Reinstatement: Late Shipment Rate

Suspended Amazon Seller Reinstatement: Late Shipment Rate.

After serving in the United States Navy for 8 years and working in international business for 7 years, I am now helping suspended Amazon sellers around the world. My position at Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C., the law firm behind allows me to employ all of my skills to help people and companies get back to operating their businesses.

After my training with Anthony Famularo, Esq., I now work alongside Anthony and the rest of the team of paralegals in our New York office in Anthony’s Amazon Sellers War Room.

Today, I participated in our team conferences to decide the best arguments to obtain reinstatement for over a dozen suspended Amazon sellers. At our law firm, every Plan of Action written for a suspended Amazon seller, every Jeff Bezos Escalation…everything we write for suspended sellers is conferenced among the entire team. Anthony assigns the case to a paralegal that is responsible for the initial draft, then, it’s a team effort. Either Anthony or CJ reviews every single POA before it is sent to the clients for their review.

Today, I was responsible for the initial drafts on a Jeff Bezos Escalation. This suspended Amazon seller is a company who has had their Amazon account suspended for exceeding Amazon’s “late shipment rate.”

Amazon sellers know that Amazon has a maximum late shipment rate of 4%.

In this case, the client drafted and sent Amazon a Plan of Action that he had drafted himself. The software and the Plan of Action failed. The software failed to update Amazon on 93 out of 700 orders, this caused Amazon to believe that 93 orders were shipped late.

In the Plan of Action that I drafted, I demonstrated to Amazon that while Amazon was not updated on the shipping of those packages, all of the packages were shipped and delivered on time. We also argued to Amazon that as a long-term fix, the suspended Amazon seller accepted responsibility and removed the third-party software and his account. The suspended Amazon seller was reinstated for FBA orders.

Jason Timchula, Paralegal, Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C.,

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