Peaky Blinders Suits Case Study

Peaky Blinders Suits Case Study


A leading mens suit retailer wanted to expand their appeal, product range and sales into other areas to increase their revenue. With a heavy reliance on a set of products associated with dressing up as characters from the show Peaky Blinders, there was a need to diversify significantly to be able to grow online retail sales to the desired amount. 

The retailer had made a great start with strong SEO for terms such as Peaky Blinders, with all of the infrastructure in place to drive and deliver more online sales. They were looking for a best-in-class ecommerce partner to drive best practice online and implement a paid search strategy which allowed them to grow.

The first step for Supplyant was a comprehensive analysis of the existing ecommerce campaign. This highlighted some clear issues which showed where the growth in sales could be found. The main takeaways were:

  • There was three times as much search volume for the term “tweed suits” as there was for “peaky blinders”.
  • The conversion rate on the website was significantly lower than our ecommerce benchmark of 2%.
  • The cost of sale on terms associated to Peaky Blinders was too high and therefore unprofitable


  1. Paid Search Campaign

In order to generate more sales at a lower cost on Google Shopping, Supplyant implemented the following:

  • Targeting of general terms such as “tweed suits”.
  • Changed the structure of the shopping campaign to allow for optimisation of bidding strategies
  • Google AI-led Smart Bidding
  1. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Supplyant put in place a Conversion Rate Optimisation campaign to significantly improve the User Experience and make it easy for customers to get straight to what they were looking for. These steps included:

  • Shop the look functionality with regards to specific characters on the Peaky Blinders show.
  • Site speed fixes to ensure users remain engaged.


Over 12 months, the following results were achieved:

  • 35% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 7% increase in Average Order Value
  • 1066% increase in Paid Search revenue
  • 305% in total website revenue.

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