Is Pinterest Promoted Pins worth doing?

Is Pinterest Promoted Pins really worth doing?

Pinterest Promoted Pins is an incredible value

Pinterest Promoted Pins is an incredible value, if you’re already doing everything you can to optimize your free Pinterest account traffic. If you’re not, start there.

  1. Are your Pin Descriptions keyword rich?
  2. Are your Pin Descriptions 200–300 characters in length?
  3. Are you using Hashtags?
  4. Are your Board Titles 2–4 words in length?
  5. Are your Board Titles keyword rich?
  6. Are you inviting Pinterest visitors to visit your site in every board description?
  7. Do you have 3–4 pin images for every post/product?
  8. Are you Scheduling Pins with a approved pin scheduler like TrafficWonker?

This list should get you pointed in the right direction. After you’ve checked every box, then it’s time to start looking at paid ads.

Credit: Andy Fling

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