How long do Ads take to gain traction on average for a startup?

How long does it take for a marketing campaign to gain traction on average for a startup in the e-commerce/retail sector?

Gather metrics and analytics in the first week and then optimize.

For paid advertising (google ads, facebook, video ads on youtube), it is about gathering metrics and analytics in the first week (or 5 to 6 days). from there you take that data and then begin your optimizing. As you optimize, you will have to watch closely to see what other changes need to take place, including a/b testing. I advise you include retargeting in Google Adwords and for Facebook use pixels.

As with any ad, you determine the length of your campaign and the budget. You also need to know how to write effective ad copy. If not I recommend you find someone who can manage your campaigns.

I also recommend you do some heavy collaborations with other businesses and influencers. Basically, everything is determined in your strategy. Have you defined your audience? You will need to do this first so that you know how to reach them and where to find them.

I haven’t listed everything, but with an aggressive strategy, you can grow your business. Hard work and consistency with your marketing efforts is key.

Credit : Denika Lawie

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