How exactly does SEO work?

How exactly does SEO work?

What is SEO?

​Search engine optimisation simply helps website or web-pages to be found by the search engines for words related to what the website or web page is offering. It is to be done smarty to get best possible hits to the website through search engines.

  • It involves developing and optimising a website so that it ranks higher in the search engine.
  • Understanding of search algorithm and optimising your content as per that.​

How search engines work

Crawling: Search engine software crawl all the web pages linked to a website.

Indexing: After fetching all the pages through crawling, these pages are indexed in the database for future retrieval.

Now what happens is interesting, let’s take an example of Google.

When you make a search on Google “what is SEO” Google compare your search string in its database. The database keeps many results that may match to your search string. But based on search engine rank, the best match appears first followed by the rest on the search result page.

Search engine updates their algorithm regularly. You will have to keep a watch on it to bring your website or web page up in the search results.

Credit Nidhi Singh

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