Car Part Retailer – Case Study

Car Part Retailer – Case Study

The Problem

Our Client came to us as had 2 years of minimal growth.

In 2016/17 they grew by 15%

In 2017/18 they grew by 8%

The client had been working on the growth and implementing different strategies such as promotional work, this had not resulted in the growth that they wanted and so came to Supplyant to utilise our expertise and improve the growth.

The Fix

Supplyant started by conducting an analytics audit of the account to identify areas where we can help improve the growth.

The audit established 2 main areas which showed low improvements and would lead to low growth

  1. Low growth of users visiting the website.
  2. The conversion rate was not improving at the rate expected.

Looking at the low growth of the users visiting the website, an SEO audit was carried out and identified that the URLs needed updating with more detail and needed to include model specifics too. This meant a search for a Volvo brake pad would show up in the searches where it wouldn’t have previously.

Off the back of this analysis goals were set up in analytics to look at the user journey and identify where the drop off of users was, so we can work on improving the conversion rate. This identified that the basket abandonment was the issue.

The basket abandonment rate was then looked into in further detail and the results showed people were not converting for 2 reasons, the 1st being that they are unable to verify they were buying the correct brakes for their specific vehicle and secondly that there was not enough information on the results page to convert it to a sale.

After identifying the causes of low growth Supplyant went about resolving these points, we did this by utilising the manufacturers product descriptions and technical information to add more detail and product specifics. Adding this extra information meant that the user would have more confidence they were buying the correct product.  This is important as when people buy these products, it is often due to theirs failing such as in a MOT, and needing the right product the first time.

Brakes aren’t a commoditized item, so it’s very important that the user has confidence in that they are buying the right product.

To enable people to ensure they can search for Specific brakes the search tool was updated and extended too, meaning users could now search for their cars make and model.  With this being more detailed users were able again to find the right brakes for their cars quickly and efficiently, with the benefit of confidence in buying the right product.

Whilst adding a lot more detail to the website in its search functions and product descriptions, it was essential that the checkout remained the same, as we know that too many checkout steps can drop the conversion rate, so the single page checkout was kept in place. 

The Result

By working on the website and implementing the fixes the site saw the sessions grow in 2018/19 by 24%.

Conversion rate improvements resulted in 18.59% increase.

When the number of sessions and conversion rates both grew this lead to a massive uplift in transactions, achieving 47% growth.

When then putting this all together the company saw a growth in turnover for the year of 72.55%.

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