Why is SEO important for business?

Why is SEO important for business?

Seo is a long term process which helps you generate traffic on your website from search engines by ranking your website for specific set of keywords related to your service or product.

When you start your business you can’t just rank on top of search engines for any particular keyword. To do that you need to build authority of your business online. Google and other search engines checks the authority of our site through various methods, such as:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of pages
  • Avg. session duration
  • Bounce rate
  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Content quality
  • High quality backlinks etc.

Once you take care of all the points o regular basis you will start seeing improvement in your keyword ranks in serp. SEO is the best way to generate inbound traffic and leads without spending much on marketing.

Whereas, if you want to start generating leads from day 1 than you can use Google Ads and other paid marketing activities along with SEO. So until you start getting benefits from SEO, you can generate leads and run your business with Google Ads.

Credit Mehul Shah

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