What is the best piece of SEO advice?

What is the best piece of SEO advice?

In my experience, the major themes seem to be to steadily build credibility, to keep things simple, and always keep humans in mind; don’t fall into the trap of trying to cater to the search engine at the expense of users.

  1. Keep it simple: Place keywords at the beginning of your title. Make sure your URLs are short and to the point. Keep your messaging consistent across your site.
  2. Build credibility over time: Quality backlinks are still probably the best indicator to Google that your page is of value. If you can, submit guest posts to credible sites in your niche that backlink to your page. The more, the better.
  3. Write for users, don’t write for Google: What are you looking for when you google something? I want a clear, concise, well thought-out answer without a lot of distraction. Visuals are great, but not at the expense of load speed – we all want answers now. Don’t get so wrapped up in the SEO game that you forget why you’re doing it in the first place. Write the content you’d like to read first, then optimize for SEO.

Credit Praful Krishna

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