What is Project Management?

What is Project Management?

Let me explain project management to you in very simple words.

If you are working on any project whether it is software development, making an e-commerce store or any kind of complex project, you will face various challenges in managing projects.

If you are working on a project, what challenges are you going to face?

  1. In every project there is a deadline and a set budget. Project management teaches you how to get the project done successfully within a set deadlines and budget.
  2. There are various departments within a company, you many need a need of effective collaboration between cross departments, within your own department and with clients. That’s one part of project management. It teaches you how to enhance communication and collaboration for a successful project.
  3. If you are working on a project there are various ways to get it done – old school methods (Waterfall) to the latest one (Agile methodology). Project management educates you about the history of progress in the field. So, that you don’t get involved in bad practices in project management (Waterfall) that are obsolete now.

Resources, time and cost – these three things are interconnected. If you cut down any one of these things project’s quality will be impacted. If you cut down on one thing lets say resources, it will impact time and cost too.

Project management is a discipline that helps you manage these there resource, time and cost for improving quality.

Credit: Sumer Poddar

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