What is Paid Social Media Advertising?

What is Paid Social Media Advertising?

When it comes to advertising with social media, most of us think of how much it will cost. What will the ROI’s be and what would I get from such advertising?

We all must have tried traditional methods of advertising through newspaper, mouth publicity and banner ads. These also must have cost some investment, with no guarantee of full-fledged results.

Here we would emphasise on a few social media mediums which can be helpful for advertising.

  • Facebook

This is the most popular social media platform used by millions of users. On an average, Facebook has 2.01 billion active users per month, which is increasing day by day. Besides that, Facebook is widely used for advertising products and services, and is certainly a preferred platform because of its vast reach.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising:

Facebook advertising helps you target a specific audience that is suitable for your business. If you really know who your target audience is then Facebook marketing is what you actually need.

Facebook marketing is also cheaper as compared to marketing on other platforms of advertising.

Facebook advertising, once started, gives you immediate results.

You can even measure the ROI for your ads with regards to views, impressions, and amount that you spend on the ads.

  • Twitter

It is a microblogging site mostly used to interact with messages in a particular format.

Advantages of Twitter Advertising:

Twitter mainly has an active Influence crowd that can have a favourable impact on your target audience.

As compared to Facebook, Twitter ads can be placed through Lead Gen Cards without having a Landing page.

Twitter ads also give you quick responses.

Great content for your ad is the only thing to impact on people for conversions.

  • LinkedIn

When you are looking to advertise a service or product related to corporate or organisation enhancement, LinkedIn is the place to be.

Advantages of LinkedIn Advertising:

You can target your advertising strategy towards relevant decision makers in the business.

LinkedIn ads provide options to place ads on a Facebook profile that would appear in that particular news feed.

LinkedIn is really useful when you want to target a specific audience based on their skill based values.

Just like Google ads and Facebook ads, LinkedIn allows you to pay per click for your ads.

  • Instagram

Instagram is an application used to share photos and videos online. Instagram is the craze of the young generation.

Advantages of Instagram Advertising:

On an average, 36% of the younger crowd uses Instagram as its daily social network. With an increasing number of mobile users, Instagram ads would be more helpful, as Instagram is generally used on smart phones.

Hence, you can opt for various mediums through which you can advertise your products and services. The care you need to take care of is your target audience. Know your target audience and accordingly place your ads.

Credit: Value Direct

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