What is affiliate marketing? Should I outsource it?

What is affiliate marketing? Should I outsource it?

Affiliate marketing is acting as a salesman between a customer and the owner of a product or service and getting a commission for the sale on behalf of the product owner or service provider.

Affiliate marketing works when an affiliate uses an online platform such as a website or a blog or YouTube channel to promote products/services. Generating traffic is the key to making sales. Traffic generation can be free or paid methods or a combination of both.

Social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others can be used to connect with prospects and sell the product to a worldwide audience.

Many areas of affiliate marketing can be outsourced to experts for a fee usually quite reasonable. The best rule is to outsource any task that you do not know how to do or that takes a long time to do and would be a wasted effort. If you can contact good outsources, there is no reason why you should not save time by getting other people to do some of the work. In this way you can move on to another task and increase your income without doing everything yourself.

A valuable aspect of outsourcing is that you do not get tired with mundane routine tasks and as a result you will have a fresh mind for coming up with lots of creative ideas.

Credit: Jonathan Leigh

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