What does affiliate marketing mean and how do you start?

What does affiliate marketing mean and how do you start?

Let’s make it easy.

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting somebody else’s product or service and getting a cut on the sale. The commission on the sale can be as low as 2% or as high as 75% (even 100% sometimes on the front end offer). Starting is really easy and the affiliate programs are mostly free to join.

The most popular affiliate program is the amazon associates and once you sign up here then you can promote any product on amazon. In fact in the page of every product you’ll see a bar where you find your affiliate link. If somebody clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, you get a commission which in case of amazon is quite small (from 2 to 10%). Another really famous affiliate program is clickbank where you can promote online courses and programs. The commission are much bigger because obviously in digital products there’s no shipping or manufacturing.

Jvzoo, warrior plus, commission junction are other affiliate programs.

Every online service has an affiliate program (often based on the ones mentioned above). Just type on google “name of the service/product + affiliate”. You’ll see that you can literally promote anything, from flights and hotels to gold investments. With that being said, once you have the affiliate link of whatever service the most difficult thing to do is place that affiliate link in front of people that might be interested in buying that product.

What I do recommend is to create a website to promote your affiliate offers.

Credit: Tobia Wilson

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