What are some Email Marketing tips and tricks?

What are some Email Marketing tips and tricks?

Here are 20 top tips:

  1. Use welcome emails to build strong relationships and deliverability
  2. Send emails at the right time to increase your conversion rate
  3. Get the frequency right to grow a healthy and engaged list
  4. Watch your deliverability and avoid the spam folder
  5. Use a memorable sender name
  6. Be authentic, seek feedback and ditch the noreply@ address
  7. Craft and test your email subject lines for higher opens
  8. Use confirmed opt-in to build a better list
  9. Use lead magnets to grow your email list faster
  10. Create engaging content to get more click-throughs
  11. Test and preview before hitting send
  12. Design for accessibility
  13. Focus on the right metrics
  14. Use a matching preheader
  15. Inspire action
  16. Use the thank-you page strategically
  17. Make your emails skimmable to increase your engagement rates
  18. Use a professional email marketing tool to avoid the junk folder
  19. Create a marketing funnel to stay on track to reach your business objectives
  20. Segment your audience and see the 80/20 rule in action

Credit: Dhanmendra Patil

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