Is Bing ads a worthwhile investment?

Is Bing ads a worthwhile investment?

The short answer is yes

Conversion rates tend to be higher, and there is some volume there. However, I’d add a couple of caveats to that around prioritization:

Get your Google game right first.
The higher volume will be on Google so prioritize that, Bing is a nice addition once you have well optimized campaigns on Google.

Largely it depends what territories you’re targeting.
If you’re targeting the US their market share is roughly 10%, worth the time. The UK is around 5%, just about worth the time. In other parts of western Europe it’s around 2–3%, so questionable on whether it’s a worthwhile investment of time. Once you go outside that then it’s more fragmented, in Russia Yandex is huge, in China Baidu is massive, in Japan Yahoo Japan is massive and I believe that’s served by Google.

So the answer to your question varies massively based on what Geos you target.

Credit: Simon Whittick

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