Improving Conversion Rates and Website User Experience – Case Study

How upgrading their website user experience gained 13% increase in conversions and 24% increase in traffic.

What were the clients goals and needs?

An online healthcare company came to Supplyant wanting to improve their conversion rate; in order to understand what their problems were, we set up heatmaps so that we could identify what was and wasn’t working for them.

From this we found that on their homepage there was a low interaction rate with their main call to actions; and also on mobile their unique sales propositions (USPs) were being clicked however they were not clickable which was inconvenient for the user.

What was our plan to meet the clients goals?

Our aim was to improve the user experience of their site by understanding this behaviour and making the appropriate adjustments and implementing them for a month.

On the homepage we dramatically re-ordered the layout in order to bring products above the fold, which we hoped would lead to a reduced bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

As well as this, on mobile we implemented changes to the USPs in which we made them higher up the page, bolder and clickable in hope that more people would be able to reach a delivery information page and again, increase conversion rate.

What were the results?

From the changes we made on the homepage we saw a 13% improvement on the conversion rate and also a 24% increase in people getting to a product page on our alternative homepage.

On the USPs we had changed on the mobile header we found a 6% increase in conversion rate on the alternative header when there was a phone number on it.

As well as this, there was an incredible 72% increase in people that were viewing the delivery information page, which was a huge win.

The overall effects from the modifications that we had made was a 20% increase in the healthcare companies conversion rate.

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