How we achieved a 57% increase in revenues with Google Shopping

How we achieved a 57% increase in revenues with Google Shopping.

What were the clients goals and needs?

We found our client had utilised a third party service to optimise the product titles on the website, shortening them, to favour design over the number of keywords used to advertise the product. This reduced the titles to approximately 50/60 characters.

It’s common knowledge that the more accurate keywords used, the larger your reach will be be and using Google’s 150 character title limit on Google Shopping was the way forward to quickly drive more targeted leads to the website.

What was our plan to meet the clients goals?

The plan was to create a new field within our product inventory management system and feed a new specific Google Shopping title to Merchant Centre.

Once this was in place we updated all of the client’s products with revised 150 character titles, after reviewing phrases used throughout a customer’s buying funnel & competitor research.

What were the results?

The effects were almost immediate once the feed had been updated, when comparing before / after weeks, we sensed a 44.97% increase in overall leads to the website:

For the client’s Shopping campaign above, we can measure a 149% increase in ad impressions, 192% increase in clicks due to the titles being more descriptive of the product marketed and a 17% in click through rate.

With this increase in leads and product landing page optimisation, the sales result was a 52% increase in orders placed and a 57% increase in revenue for the client.

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