Business Growth – Case Study

Car Part Retailer – Case Study

The Problem

When this account was brought to Supplyant the Ecommerce part of it was an insignificant part of the business which the owners saw as an untapped opportunity where they can increase sales and revenue.

The retailers had made a great start setting up the website however wanted Supplyants expert knowledge to take it to the next level and build on this opportunity.

The Company had a great product with excellent profit margins and conversion rates, what they needed was to establish a brand and more leads to the website to produce the revenue.


In order to increase the revenue on the website and business Supplyant implemented several strategies using our 5 ways.

  1. To gain more Leads (traffic) quickly we implemented Google Shopping to promote the core product offering of best selling product lines. Knowing these products were well stocked & had good margin we could aggressively promote into the competitive marketspace.
  2. Continually analysed & implemented improvements across the full user journey through micro-goals. This significantly improved Conversion Rate across the website at each stage and ultimately overall whilst increasing the levels of traffic to compound revenue increases.
  3. Increased revenue through the bureau (card printing) and printer rental areas of the business by creating a customer centric online marketing strategy and supportive pages.


A brand was established with an increase of leads to the website,  the effect was significant.

  • 126% growth in year 1
  • 144% growth in year 2
  • 40% growth in year 3

This growth has caused an increase of 182% on monthly revenue.

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